Op-Ed: To Fight COVID-19, Teens Must Act Responsibly


David Cutler

Prom will be held on the field to accommodate social distancing guidelines.

Kate Hirschen, Outgoing Culture Editor

With the pandemic, safety measures like hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing can go a long way—but not everyone is doing enough to follow them, especially teens. 

After months of confinement, teens across the country are feeling the need to be social. They are itching to get out and see friends, and they don’t always make responsible decisions about staying safe during the pandemic. 

Many towns in Massachusetts have postponed the start of in-person learning, in some instances due to students partying. 

According to a recent article in The MetroWest Daily News, “School officials announced two weeks of full-remote learning at Natick High on Monday, Sept. 28 after they learned as many as 50 students attended or hosted parties after defying the quarantine order. That order came after the students were exposed to people who tested positive for COVID-19.”

Here, with students from numerous cities and towns around, we don’t live in a bubble. 

“While I don’t attend Natick high school, I have friends that do, and I know that some of them are disappointed that they cannot go to school in person and see their friends anymore,” Natick resident Madeline Hsaio ’23 said. “Hopefully, the people who were involved in the parties can understand that their reckless actions are now affecting an entire town.”

Too often, teens fail to realize how irresponsible behavior puts others at risk. If one person at a party has the virus, others could get it. 

While some teens are being selfish, however, it’s important to note that many others are doing their part to fight the virus. 

Take it from Natalie Kozhemiakin ’23.

“I haven’t hung out with friends much during the pandemic, but when I do, we have taken walks while wearing masks, or had a picnic outside,” Kozhemiakin said, who always wears a mask when social distancing isn’t possible. 

Let’s be more responsible than some Natick students. All of us need to do our part to be safe and responsible. After all, lives are on line the line.