Op-Ed: With Ukraine War, Gas Prices Soar


Man pumping gas at city gas station. Photo purchased by BigStock.

In the last two years, gas prices have slowly gotten higher and higher, hitting a record in United States history.

In February, Russia invaded Ukraine, and gas prices skyrocketed.

In the US, the average price of gas currently stands at $4.325 per gallon, compared to $3.506, which is what the average was before the build-up to the Russian and Ukrainian war, which started on February 7, 2022.

Although this doesn’t seem like a big difference, the average car has a 12-gallon tank, and then you can start to see how this difference is a big deal.

You are probably thinking, what are some things that caused this? Will we see effects here at the School? Will the prices drop?

Gas value has fallen victim to numerous factors. One thing is the market for supply and demand. From 2020 to 2021, electric car sales doubled. This led to fewer people needing gas.

On top of this, gas cars are terrible for the environment and more and more companies want to increase electric car sales. To keep gas profitable, companies had to adjust the price to balance the demand for gas and to promote electric cars.

This practice continued until the middle of January, and as a result of the sanctions implemented on Russia after its unprovoked attack on Ukraine, and international relations with the country growing tenser, the world started to purchase less oil from Russia, and some countries eventually cut off getting gas from Russia altogether.

The consequences became apparent almost immediately in many countries, including the United States. Russia, which has risen to become one of the biggest oil suppliers in the world, supplied many big EU nations like Germany, so when the bonds are cut, these countries will need to get their gas from other places. This led to prices rising even higher.

How might this impact students here at school? There could be a few things but I think the biggest factor that this will affect is how people will get to school.

Students who have access to a railway station are fortunate because of the School’s easy access to the T. But most people still get to school via car or bus. This is because often it’s more direct and most people that drive to school think it is worth the extra money for school transportation.

Now a question that a lot of people are asking is will they drop. I don’t think they will for a few reasons.

One, electric car sales keep going up. Two, the Russian and Ukraine war situation doesn’t seem to be de-escalating and there is no end in sight. Those two elements alone are the reasons that gas prices won’t drop anytime soon.