Upper School Camp Returns


Rachel Sobel

10th-grade students enjoy the outdoors.

Last Friday, Upper School students returned from Camp Wingate*Kirkland in Yarmouth Port, MA. After two days of community bonding and outdoor free time on Cape Cod, many students report feeling prepared to start the year after an enjoyable Camp experience.

The return of Upper School Camp this year marks the first trip since 2019 when members of the 12th grade Class of 2023 were entering their 9th-grade year. Many 12th-grade students like Sylvia Tejada ‘23, who helped plan the activities with Senate, were glad to experience Camp one more time.

“I was kind of nervous about going to camp,” Tejada said. “I feel like, after COVID, I was very used to being in my own bubble, and I definitely wasn’t as outgoing so being in a new environment was nerve-wracking.”

The Class of 2023 poses at the waterfront. Photo courtesy of Joshua Neudel.

Tejada said she appreciated that Camp included programming that integrated with other grades, allowing 12th-grade students to meet new students. As a Class Representative, Tejada said one of her favorite Camp memories was the activities she planned.

“As this was the first time being back at camp in a few years, leading the activities was exciting,” Tejada said. “I led Team Yellow of the Color War, which was actually the winning team!”

Other classes, including new students throughout the Upper School like Brooks Neufeld ‘26, had not experienced Upper School Camp at all.

Ugo Adiele ’23 and Alison Rimas ’23 play tetherball. (Rachel Sobel)

“I think that the Camp experience is an amazing way to get to know your peers for the upcoming year and years to come,” Neufeld said. Neufeld particularly enjoyed the 9th-grade mini golf trip to Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf.

While the 11th grade enjoyed a tie-dye activity, the 10th grade bonded at new heights.

“My class went to a ropes course and did bonding,” Mckinlee DePaola ‘25 said. “It was a lot of fun to get to know my class better and to trust them more.”

The most exciting Upper School-wide event, argues Elijah Kinney ‘23, was the Talent Show on Thursday night.

“It most definitely help to bring the community together and simultaneously showed each grade’s personality and was awesome,” Kinney said.

The festivities ended with a school-wide Relay Race run by Upper School Senate leaders. Grade 12 president Emma Guevara ‘23, Vice President Rowida Kassim ‘24, Treasurer Owen Williams ‘23, and Representative Sylvia Tejada ‘23 organized over a dozen activities for Color War.

Edrick Quezada ’23 raps a song at the Talent Show. (Edan Zinn)

Williams echoed his peers, saying that the Talent Show was his favorite part of Camp.

“Because Emma and I were running it, we were nervous that there wouldn’t be enough people willing to get up in front of the school to perform,” Williams said. “Lucky for us, we were very wrong. We saw amazing performances from new and returning students from grades 9-12. It was great to see people stepping out of their comfort zones.”

All in all, members of the Upper School community report feeling energized to start the year and satisfied with their camp experiences.

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  • Priya Mallidi ’23, Alison Rimas ’23, and Emma Guevara ’23 sing a song at the Talent Show. (Edan Zinn)

  • 12th-grade students hug as other buses roll in. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Jack Nathanson ’23 plays a song on the guitar. (Edan Zinn)

  • 10th-grade students make jewelry at the Art Barn. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Mimi Manigat ’26 and Bayaan Jones ’26 pose at the water fountain. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Students prepare for the Balance Challenge of the Relay Race. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Leisel Gartner ’26 and Jaden Morris ’26 pose during Color War. (Rachel Sobel)

  • The audience cheers for performers at Brimmer’s Got Talent. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Students in grades 9-11 arrive on Thursday Morning. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Owen Williams ’23 plays Gaga Ball. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Seniors celebrate their arrival at Camp. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Alsion Rimas ’23 serves during tetherball. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Students sing a song together onstage. (Edan Zinn)

  • Oliver Baggett ’24, Xavier Claiborne ’24, and Chris Myers ’24 wait for lunch at the Dining Hall. (Rachel Sobel)

  • Talia Hammer ’23 and Alison Rimas ’23 make tie-dye shirts. (Edan Zinn)

  • 10th-grade students sing a song at the talent show. (Edan Zinn)

  • RK Morrison ’26 and Isaac Morris ’26 play a song. (Edan Zinn)

  • Maya Thompson ’26 and Mimi Manigat ’26 sing a karaoke song at the Talent Show. (Edan Zinn)

  • Ben Dykeman ’25 makes Kaylee Rivera ’25 a balloon hat. (Edan Zinn)

  • Maggie Clifford ’24 and Rowida Kassim ’24 sing a song. (Edan Zinn)

  • Math Teacher Pete Slaski reads a bedtime story. (Edan Zinn)

  • Owen Williams ’23 and Emma Guevara ’23 introduce the talent show. (Edan Zinn)

  • Kolja Westhues ’23 plays ‘Never Meant’ by American Football on the guitar. (Edan Zinn)

  • 9th-grade students sing a song at Brimmer’s Got Talent. (Rachel Sobel)

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