Spotlight: A True and Horrific Story


The impact of what the audience had just seen had rendered everyone speechless, incapable of making any sounds.

The film Spotlight tells the true story of an investigative team of journalists working for The Boston Globe, who, in the early 2000’s, uncovered a series of sexual abuse cases kept under wraps by the Catholic Church. The movie emphasizes the harm caused by Catholic priest John Geoghan, who molested more than 80 young boys. Cardinal Bernard Law, who at the time served as the archdiocese of Boston, allegedly covered up the scandal.

Through expert interviewing, research, and sleuthing, the Spotlight team uncovers a story that is much bigger than just one isolated, unfortunate incident.

The most important aspect of the movie, beyond raising awareness, is the respect that the filmmakers have for the victims and their struggle. The Spotlight team, and the movie about its members, balances the responsibility of honoring victims and telling an important, horrific story. The film is entertaining and heart-breaking, and its representation of real life drama grabs the viewer.

Rachel McAdams portrayed Sasha Pfeiffer, the sole woman reporter on the team. She interviewed many of the victims, getting them to talk without being combative. Stanley Tucci played Mitchell Garabedian, a lawyer for many of the victims. Although gruff and sometimes sarcastic, Garabedian shows that he truly cares about his clients. He also helps the Globe gain access to documents to round out the reporting.

Even with an R-rating, this is essential viewing for high school students. The film will keep you thinking for a long time after the screen goes black.