Photos: Using Technology


Mark Donato ’19 working with the laser cutter.

See how high school students make use of different devices around campus to get work done. With the new STEAM and Media Labs, high-schoolers are also learning how to make effective use of cutting-edge technology.

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  • Mark Donato ’19 working with the laser cutter.

  • Camille Cherney ’20 using her iPhone for math.

  • Kusumitha Mallidi ’19 listens to music while working on her iPad.

  • Hannah Ahearn’20 making use of old and new technology.

  • Tal Breiman ’21 working on his computer.

  • Students at work in the Innovation Space.

  • Hannah Ahearn ’20 interviews Coach Graves for Gator Nation News.

  • Megan Stander ’20 working in the STEAM Lab.

  • Libby Foley’ 20 working on her computer.

  • Cora Williams’20 studying on her laptop.

  • Angelina Nur Dervisevic ’21 and Hannah Ahearn ’20 on Gator Nation News, which makes use of a virtual studio.

  • Jacob Levy ’21 using his iPad to study history.

  • Students use multiple devices in the Innovation Space.

  • Olivier Khorasani ’20 using multiple devices in the Innovation Space.

  • Students hard at work in the STEAM Lab.

  • Students use pen, paper, and computers in the quiet study cubicles.

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