Fashion Flash, Spirit Week Edition: Chloe Cochener ’19

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What do you think about when picking out your outfit for Spirit Day?

I think about how I can be as extra and crazy as possible so that I can stand out. I want to be as comfortable and spirited as I can.

What is your favorite spirited accessory?

I really enjoy spazzing up my sunglasses. Those definitely add a spark to my outfit. I also really love my tutus.

What does your sense of style, during spirit week, reflect on you as a person?

It shows that I have a wild personality and am not afraid to express myself in silly and spontaneous way.

Why do you put effort in to show spirit during the special week?

I think it’s a way to show support for the community and my peers. This year is my senior year and also the last week of classes, so I wanted to go all out for the last time. I also think it’s pretty lame to not participate.