Music Review: Tyler the Creator’s “IGOR”


Kolja Westhues, Journalist

Tyler the Creator has been prolific in the past decade, releasing six albums in the 2010s. However, in my opinion, his best album is his most recent: IGOR.

Below are my thoughts on each of the album’s ten songs.

1. IGOR’S THEME – The song has a very loud vibe to it. It begins with a heavily distorted synth and then jumps into a half-off beat. Around the minute mark, Tyler’s vocals, which are higher pitched for musical effect, appear and carry the song into its main content.

2. EARFQUAKE (also released as a single) – A very enjoyable song. Similarly to the album’s opening track, Tyler sings with high pitched vocals, which in this case are backed by a melody led by another distorted synth.

3. I THINK – Easily one of my favorites on the album. It uses a low fidelity sound on the beat, and the catchy vocals are noticeably the least edited on the album.

4. EXACTLY WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING – This track is a monologue on how the very thing you think you don’t want, you end up fighting for. This is meant to help listeners understand the meaning of the album’s running plot: Tyler’s chase for a person he loves.

5. RUNNING OUT OF TIME – A very emotional track that I love. Yet agin, Tyler’s vocals are significantly higher on this track. However, at points, he pitches his voice higher and lower and harmonizes them. His main vocals are actually not audible in the song until the last third of the song, which makes the song layered and interesting. The synth in this song sounds other worldly, and imbues the song with an urgent, but patient, vibe.

6. NEW MAGIC WAND – One of the less interesting songs on the album, although it is still enjoyable. The beat is unique in that it sounds metallic; it sounds like the instruments used were silverware. The vocals in the song are extremely distorted and amplified in the final part, and, while it is somewhat jarring, it adds to the vibe that Tyler is attempting to create.

7. A BOY IS A GUN – A highly enjoyable song, except for the fact that I find the background vocals that are part of the beat extremely annoying. The way they are pitched makes me focus on them rather than other better parts of the song.

8. PUPPET – Another one of my favorite songs off the record. The instrumentals are beautiful, and the drum fill that carries the song into the beat works extremely well. The vocals on this track are melancholic and effectively convey the intended emotions.

9. WHAT’S GOOD – A feel good song that feels both aggressive and relieved in its delivery. The distorted vocals carry the aggressive aspect of the song, which contrasts with the clean synths that calm them down a bit.

10. GONE, GONE/THANK YOU – This track uses pitched vocals and showcases the album’s first use of a stringed instrument. Both of these differentiates the track from the other songs on the LP.

11. I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE – A lo-fi song that carries the same mood throughout the entire song. However, the lo-fi beat slowly leads in a unique sound, which makes it a unique and special song compared to the others on the album.

12. ARE WE STILL FRIENDS? – My favorite track off the album. It’s a chaotic and relaxed track that has beautiful vocals and instrumentals that perfectly compliment each other. It caps off the album on a high note.

I strongly recommend anyone who listens to any kind of music to listen to this album. It’s a perfect mix of relaxation and chaos. My final rating is 5/5 stars.