Music Review: Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’


Gator photo illustration.

Kate Hirschen, Outgoing Culture Editor

After a long break between albums, Lady Gaga fans were more than ready when Chromatica released May 29, 2020.

The hit single “Stupid Love” released in February, with fans unsure what the full album would hold-in-store. Though Chromatica never hit the top of the charts, it featured some iconic tracks. 

My favorite is “Sour Candy,” featuring Blackpink. It’s upbeat, fun to listen to, and I also like the feature of a different artist.

With 16 songs, this album is a little longer than normal, but not so long that it’s overwhelming. It has a running time of 43 minutes—perfect for a long car ride. 

The first song is “Chromatic I”, a perfect album intro. As a first track, it does a good job laying down the vibe of the album. It’s really short, which is nice.  

The most popular song on the album is “Rain on Me,” featuring Ariana Grande. It hit the top of the charts for weeks, and I genuinely enjoy it. It got overplayed on radio, but overall, it’s still a solid song. 

In the middle of the album comes “Chromatica II,” a redundant sequel to the first track.

“911” isn’t my favorite track, but it has an interesting beat to mix things up. It’s also short, like most songs on the album. 

With its clever word play and exciting beat, “Babylon” is a fan favorite and a perfect way to close out the album. 

My expectations were not particularly high for this album, but I still think it’s a solid effort. Overall, I would rate Chromatica a 7/10. It’s worth checking out.