Op-Ed: Martin’s ‘The Gator Eats’


Martin Maynard

Digital illustration by Martin Maynard ’22.

I appreciate everything that the School’s cafeteria does for the student body, and it’s very clear the kitchen puts a lot of effort into the lunches. I do these spotlights in the hope that people will enjoy reading them, while also highlighting the quality of food here.  

Chipotle Beef Taco Bowl  

On Tuesday, the School had a food truck provided by Los Amigos come for lunch in celebration of the new semester. The truck served tacos, bowls, and salads that had a variety of meats and toppings to choose from. My choice of meal was the chipotle beef taco bowl. 

I found my taco bowl to be very well made. The chipotle beef was excellent, but I was disappointed by how little there was of it. The beans, corn, rice, and celery were good, but sections of the beans and corn were cold compared to the rest of the warm platter.   

Overall, a good meal.

Beef Stroganoff with Udon Noodles  

I found my meal to be pretty good. I was impressed with just how good the udon noodles and beef stroganoff tasted together when I tried it.

Because these two aspects of the meal worked so well together, I did want a little more stroganoff in my dish. As for the steamed vegetables, I found them very enjoyable when I paired them with the balsamic vinegar that was provided by the kitchen.

Overall, I found this lunch, especially the noodles and stroganoff, to be pretty good.

Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Green Beans 

I found my meal to be very good. The mashed potatoes were soft and fluffy and were very filling. The green beans were seasoned well and had a good crunch to them but tended to be very greasy. These two parts combined elevate the meatloaf to make the dish very tasty.

Pasta in Pesto Cream Sauce with Italian Chicken Sausage with Sundried Tomatoes and Mixed Green Salad 

I found my meal to be good. The pasta with the pesto cream sauce was very good, and the sausage and tomatoes added excellent flavor. I found just some of my pasta was a little undercooked and dry, even with the cream sauce.

The salad had a strong dressing and was prepared very well too.

Overall, a good meal.