Gator Wins 16 NESPA Awards, Most Ever for Newsroom


Gator Staff

The Gator recently earned 16 awards from the New England Scholastic Press Association (NESPA), the most in its history, including its second-consecutive “All-New England” designation in editing and publishing.

In 2019, the publication brought home 8 NESPA awards.

“I am so proud of everything we accomplished last year, especially the early coverage we were able to produce on COVID-19,” Editor-in-Chief Karly Hamilton ’21 said. “All-New England is a huge deal, and I am honored to be part of such a special newsroom. Camille, Caroline, and Miles were great leaders during a hard year, and I cannot wait to see what we are able to accomplish in the future.”

Gator advisor David Cutler echoed Hamilton’s sentiments, adding that the newsroom continues to excel each year.

“I couldn’t feel more proud of the students, who certainly deserve the collective and individual credit,” Cutler said. “This marks almost double the amount of NESPA awards that students won in 2019, cementing an extremely successful year.”

Former Co-Editor-in-Chief Caroline Champa ’20 was thrilled to hear about the recognition.

“I am so proud of the newsroom for all their hard work,” Champa said. “I think everyone did a great job, especially with covering Covid.”

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Newsroom awards

Highest Achievement in Scholastic Editing and Publishing (2020)

All-New England Achievement in Scholastic Editing and Publishing (2020


Individual awards

Special Achievement Award for column writing, Caroline Champa ’20, Brush Fires Devastate Australia (2019)

Special Achievement Award in column writing, Karly Hamilton ’21, Vape Ban Helps Black Market Products Thrive (2020)

Special Achievement Award in column writing, Zoe Kaplan ’21, Don’t Trivialize Trauma (2020)

Special Achievement Award in column writing, Nate Suraci ’21, Is Mastering a Foreign Language Worth It? (2019)

Special Achievement Award in artwook/cartoon, Jennifer Ngo ’22, Happy Holidays: Newsroom to Reopen in 2020 (2019)

Special Achievement in artwook/cartoon, Jennifer Ngo ’22, Remembering Toni Morrison (2019)

Special Achievement in artwook/cartoon, Ava Lockhart ’21, Don’t Trivialize Trauma (2020)

Special Achievement Award in sports writing, Gator Staff, Amplify: Varsity Boys’ Soccer Wins MBIL Championship (2019)

Special Achievement Award in video, Haley Jacobs ’23 and Sophia Spring ’22, GNN: Gators Show Spirit at Homecoming (2019)

Special Achievement Award in news writing, Karly Hamilton ’21, School Responds to Coronavirus (2020)

Special Achievement Award for news writing, Caroline Champa ’20, Coronavirus: Chinese Students Worry About Home (2020)

Special Achievement Award in feature writing, Karly Hamilton ’21, Lower School Receptionist Virginia Beech to Retire After 30 Years (2019)

Special Achievement Award in photography, Edan Zinn ’23, Photo Essay: Boston Goes Dark (2020)

Special Achievement Award in photography, Edan Zinn ’23, Gators Defeat Covenant Christian (2019)