Letter: Kitchen Introduces White Whole Wheat Bread

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.com commons license.
To the Editor:

You may have noticed that we rarely have white bread available, choosing instead to offer whole grain options like rye, 7 grain, and whole wheat. These choices present much better nutrition, supplying a host of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber that are lost in the milling process that produces white flour.

Many of us have become used to these whole grain options but others still have a taste for white bread with its soft texture and light flavor. In an effort to provide the health benefits of whole grain and the flavor of white bread, we have sourced a new product called “white whole wheat bread.”

Still made with 57% whole grain, this white whole wheat is a softer and lighter colored wheat that delivers the flavor and texture of white bread along with the nutrient density of whole wheat.

If you’re interested in the health benefits of whole grain, check out the health and wellness bulletin board for a quick overview.