What Class Do You Wish Was Offered?


©David M. Barron/oxygengroup.com

The redesigned library, now a learning commons, also houses academic support services. Photo by David Barron.

Forensic Science. I think it would be really interesting to study crime scenes. – Claire Masterson ’20 (Gator file photo)
AP History. Even though the interest is minimal, it’s a really good class to have under your belt. I love history. – Libby Foley ’20 (Gator file photo)
Sex Education. I think it’s necessary for students to talk about sex, so that they can make safe, informed decisions in the future. – Paola Mammano ’20 (Gator file photo)
Finances. We need to focus on practical topics that will help us be successful adults. – Ana Forgit ’21 (Gator file photo)
Cooking. It’s something that would be cool to learn and could be applied to daily life. – Paxton Wong ’20 (Gator file photo)
Race, Gender, and Sexuality. It’s a class that a lot of schools offer, and it enhances a student’s world view. – Kusumitha Mallidi ’19 (Gator file photo)
AP Chemistry. I’m really interested in studying science at a higher level. – William Apostolica ’20 (Gator file photo)
Psychology. It’s an interesting topic that many schools offer. – Michelle Levinger ’19 (Gator file photo)

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