Juniors Wish Seniors Congrats in Farewell Video

The day before graduation, Senate President Katarina Klacko ’21 and Class of 2021 President Joseph Bahhady revealed a surprise farewell video.

“Joseph and I thought it would have been a nice gesture to give a virtual goodbye to our seniors,” Klacko said. “We look up to them every day and it is sad to see them depart in this manner. Our class wishes them the best in their futures.”

In reverse-Ring Ceremony fashion, the 12-minute video features juniors speaking about how seniors have left a meaningful and lasting legacy.

“I was inspired with Kat to make this video to spread awareness and love towards the Class of 2020,” Bahhady said. “They are going through such a rough patch with this COVID-19 pandemic and this is just a way to let them know they’re loved in our community.”