Yearbook Dedicated to Nancy Bradley


Yearbook Dedication

This year, the senior class chose to dedicate the yearbook to a faculty member who has not only been an exceptional educator, but a caring person whose kind nature makes her an adult we can confide in and rely upon. She is a kind person whose charismatic character and lighthearted sass make students walk out of her class with smiles on their faces. Her enthusiastic and engaging sense of humor has brought light into each senior’s individual Brimmer experience. She pushes us not only to be the best students we can be academically, but to be good people as well. She always offers support with math as well as everyday advice. Without her, our lives here at Brimmer would not have been the same, and we will miss her motherly disposition and humorous laugh. We are proud to dedicate this yearbook to you, Mrs. Bradley. 

Honorary Class Member

We all know this honorary class member can lift, run, jump and yell better than all of us. If you play a fall sport, you know how his powerful voice travels across the field when he sees you slacking on your “mountain climbers.” If you don’t have him for pre-season, you’re bound to meet him in the Fitness Center. When you enter this space you are now in his domain. Here is where he knows all and always makes sure everyone working out is doing everything technically sound. If not, you will soon be corrected. In the Fitness Center, his smile and muscles are always bigger than everyone else’s. He is always willing to teach and educate any student on anything fitness or even life related.

Above all, this honorary class member has been here and helped us feel welcomed. He is a true representation of what it means to be a supporter, and his wisdom goes beyond the weight room. We are sure that we will carry the values he has demonstrated with us forever.