Can You Say, ‘Dynasty’?

Can you say, “Dynasty”?

The Cross Country team won its fourth-consecutive championship, solidifying themselves as the juggernaut of the Massachusetts Bay Independent League (MBIL). The squad dominated its opponents, defeating the second place school, CSW, by 20 points in the 3.1-mile race at Chapel-Hill Chauncey Hall in Waltham.

Captain Charles Li ’17 crossed the finish line in second place overall, with a time of 18:52. Lachlan Davidson ’17, who suffered a setback earlier this season with his second seizure, experienced a remarkable comeback, coming in 4th place with a time of 19:11.

“I shouldn’t say I feel speechless, but I am,” says Davidson. “I have so many emotions that I can’t possibly describe them all. This is such an amazing comeback for me, especially after coming back from a seizure. I missed a lot of practice because of that, and I told myself to never stop going. Even though I never came in first for a race this season, winning the championship was more than enough. I’m just so proud of everyone, and so honored to be a part of this team.”

Connor Reif ’19 scored next for the Gators, followed by veteran runners Liam Conklin ’19 and Tony Zheng ’17.

“Being on all four championship teams has been an amazing experience,” says Liam Conklin ’19, a lead runner and four-time MBIL champion. “Each year, when we win the championship race it’s still as amazing as the first time we won. “I’m incredibly happy with the cross country team and I hope we can win again next year.”

Under Head Coach Ted Barker-Hook, the “Big Green Running Machine,” has run countless miles in practice—and experienced staggering success as a result.

“We are a team where everybody pulls for everyone, and where every runner counts” says Barker-Hook. “The key is teamwork and supporting each other, and in that support you push yourself to do more and more, and work harder and harder.”

The Gator congratulates the Cross Country team on its hard-earned success.

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