Fashion Flash: Kelly Rimas ’22

Molly McHugh, Writer

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What are the most important things you consider when picking out your outfit for the day?

When picking out an outfit, I consider what I’m going to be doing for that day. I try to wear something comfortable whether I’m at home or anywhere else.

What is your favorite article of clothing?

Probably sweatshirts because they keep me warm, look dope, and are easy to throw on if I’m feeling lazy.

What stores/websites do you like to shop at?

I like to thrift mainly but I also online shop on websites such as Dolls Kill, I don’t really have a preference as to where I get my clothes—if I like them, I like them.

Are you able to dress easily every day without thinking about the dress code? How would you dress differently if the school did not have a dress code?

I’m usually able to dress easily every day without worrying about the dress code, I would honestly say I don’t really mind our dress code at all. If the school didn’t have a dress code however, I would wear way more hats.

Do you prefer online shopping or street shopping? Why?

Like I said, I do most of my shopping through thrifting or online shopping. I will get a few things occasionally from more name-brand stores but that’s typically not my vibe. I like to thrift because it’s cheap and online shop because it’s easy—going out and shopping in most street shops don’t typically offer me easiness or good pricing.

How does your style reflect your personality?

My style is typically simple and laid back, I feel like everyone tries to fit a certain box with their style but mine just depends on the day which says a lot about me I feel.