Gator Jeopardy: History with Math and Science Teachers

How much history trivia do math and science teachers know?

I was interested in finding out the answer to this question. With the help of three history teachers, I created a Jeopardy board based on what is taught in their respective classrooms.

Each category represents a history class at the School: Women’s Studies and World History with Kelly Neely, Latin American History and American History with David Cutler, and Current Events with Ted Barker-Hook.

With GNN Multimedia Manager Sophia Spring ’22 behind the camera, I hosted the first ever Gator Jeopardy with contestants math teacher Pete Slaski and science teachers Zoë Stublarec and Jared Smith.

I hope to host new versions of Gator Jeopardy in 2022, perhaps with humanities teachers taking on math and science questions.