‘Urinetown: The Musical’ a Hit

Kate Hirschen, Outgoing Culture Editor

Last weekend, the cast of Urinetown took their debut center stage to a roaring audience.

Urinetown, a twisted comedy about a town where people have to pay to use the bathroom, revolves around a businessman, his daughter, and rebellious townspeople. This crazy plot made for a funny and entertaining show.

With talented acting, singing, and dancing, the show left audiences leaving the theater with laughter. 

Urinetown also provided wonderful experiences to everyone involved. 

“I became a lot closer with everyone in the high school,” Priya Mallidi ’23 said. “Especially because I am a freshman, I didn’t expect to make as many friendships as I did.”

“As a newcomer to an upper school production, I found an incredibly hardworking yet friendly and welcoming atmosphere amongst both the cast and faculty,” Brian Gamble ’23 said. “Even with a smaller part, I still found it to be a great experience and I am really pleased with how it ended up.”

The production, which ran four times over, featured detailed choreography, with many having to practice in roller shoes.

“The shoes were super difficult but very fun,” said Ugo Adiele ’23, who wore the fancy footwear during the musical.