Behind the Scenes with Student Tour Guides


Upper School tour guides pose at Open House. Photo courtesy of Brimmer and May School.

It’s impossible to miss the energetic students offering tours to prospective families, especially as admissions season heats up. They’re the ones walking backward through the hallways, detailing the School’s programming and answering questions.

Talia Hammer ‘23 and Brian Gamble ‘23 joined the the Tour Guide Program, a branch of the Admissions Office, last fall. Both felt inspired by their tours as prospective students.

“I would encourage other students to join the program,” Hammer said. “The Tour Guide Program allows you to engage with many different families, and it is a great way to be social and share all of your positive experiences as a student here.”

Hammer said that being a tour guide also helps her appreciate her time here.

“I have gotten to experience certain classes and opportunities that I had never previously heard of, and I love that I can share this with prospective students,” Hammer said.

The tours highlight the the School’s inclusive and diverse community, according to Gamble.

“I have toured for every type of family, and no one is separated or getting a different experience from anyone else,” Gamble said.

Like Hammer, Gamble encourages his peers to join the program.

“It is a really good way to get into the community even if you have not been here for a while,” Gamble said.

To be considered for the program, students must maintain acceptable grades and enjoy working in admissions. Applicants also need to have spent at least one semester as a high school student.

Emma Guevara ’23 and Daniel Murray ’23 lead Tour Guide trainees through a run-through at the beginning of the school year.

Emma Guevara ’23, who has been here since Middle School, said that being a lead student tour guide is one of her “favorite roles,”

“I believe that when students share their experiences to families interested in Brimmer, it gives the families a good insight on what a student’s day-to-day life would be like on campus,” Guevara said. “Not only do students get to learn more about Brimmer’s offerings, but they also become responsible, independent, and personally, I think, good public speakers. While giving tours, you practice showing up on time, decide how you want to interact with the family you are touring, and articulate the way in which you speak about Brimmer.”

However, Guevara often finds it difficult to encapsulate her entire experience in a single hour-long tour, making it even more important to touch upon the highlights.

Not only do students get to learn more about Brimmer’s offerings, but they also become responsible, independent, and personally, I think, good public speakers.”

— Emma Guevara '23, Student Tour Guide Leader

Daniel Murray ’23, also a leader of the program, is an 11-year lifer. Outside of classes and curling, Murray said that he loves leading tours around the School, which he has been doing since he entered high school.

Murray says that “nothing is difficult about tour guiding.” If the School is a good fit for the applicant, the tour will go smoothly.

“I would encourage Upper Schoolers to join the program because we can always use more tour guides, you get to represent the school, and it’s a great opportunity to earn community service,” Murray said.

Director of Upper School Admissions Chad Ajig is a strong believer in the School’s core values of kindness, respect, responsibility, honesty, and equity. He keeps this in mind when looking for individuals who mesh well with the School.

“Tours help prospective students see themselves in the Brimmer community,” Ajig said. “They are a required part of the admissions process for the Upper School because we want all prospective students to make the most informed decision about whether they can see themselves attending and thriving in our Upper School.”

According to Ajig, the student tour guides provide an impactful experience for prospective students.

“They get to hear directly from current students about their favorite Upper School experiences while touring our facilities and peeking into classrooms to see our teachers in action,” Ajig said. “This allows prospective students to see what the Brimmer community has to offer.”