Milkshake: Beverage or Dessert?


Delicious milkshakes on wooden background

Delicious milkshakes on wooden background
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Is a milkshake a beverage or a dessert?

Heated controversy, sparked late last week by AJ Reeves ’18 and Dylan Rigol ’18, has captivated the community. 

“A milkshake is a beverage,” said Reeves. “A milkshake is ordered alongside a meal.”

According to Rigol, however, a milkshake is a dessert.

“It has an ice cream base and is served with a spoon,” said Rigol. “The consistency is that of ice cream more than milk. At many restaurants it is even on the desert menu.”

Dean of Students Paul Murray agrees with Rigol.  

“A milkshake is clearly a dessert,” Murray said. “Just because it’s a liquid doesn’t make it a dessert. A milkshake is basically a sundae in a glass.”

But not everyone in has taken a definitive side in the debate.

“A milkshake is a hybrid of both a beverage and a dessert,” said Sujay Jain’ 20.

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