Varsity Boys Soccer Anticipates a Challenge


Nicole DeCesare

Xavier Claiborne ’24 dribbles past a Landmark defender.

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team, coming off of their recent 4-0 win over the Cambridge School of Weston, now turns their attention to their next game, where they match up with the Rocky Hill Country Day School this coming Saturday.

Three years ago in 2019, the Boys team went on an impressive run, winning the league championship and making it to the Class D NEPSAC Finals, a feat that had been rarely accomplished in league history. In the finals, they faced Rocky Hill, and in a match that saw both teams fighting until the very end, the opposition prevailed, beating the School 2-1.

Since the match, the School has played the Rhode Island team once and was defeated again. For Team Captain Sevak Glorikian ‘23, the only veteran player from the 2019 run, “revenge might be due in order.”

“It’s definitely a scary game to go into, but I’m looking forward to it,” Glorikian said. “We can see how our team has progressed against strong competition. It’s gonna be a difficult and hard-fought game and there’s a good chance of failure, but we plan on fighting with everything we got.”

After a rocky start to the season, the team has put together back-to-back wins, building momentum ahead of Homecoming. For Head Coach Chris Hardman, the Homecoming battle represents a chance to show team improvement as a whole.

“Yeah, Rocky Hill is definitely going to be a tough challenge, but I’m not afraid to take them on and I know the team isn’t either,” Hardman said. “We had a rough start with four straight losses, but we’ve certainly turned it around with back-to-back wins, and the team has gelled together nicely. We know we have the talent and chemistry to compete with a top school, and we’re excited to show it.”

Homecoming has a varying effect on each of the players. For younger athletes who have just recently joined the team, the first homecoming can be a nerve-wracking and exciting experience.

“Last year, I was there for homecoming, but I was sidelined by an injury,” Lucas Williams ’25 said. “This year, I’m very excited to be able to play in front of the Brimmer community.”

However, the event can also have a different effect on the 12th-grade players, who have played for many seasons and will be stepping on the pitch in front of the School for the last time.

Even for injured Team Captain Owen Williams ‘23, the event still holds a significant personal place.

“Yeah, [Homecoming] is a special event that’s really meant to celebrate the players and demonstrate that the school is always supporting the members of the teams,” Williams said. “When I played in Homecoming my freshman year it gave me a lot of confidence because I knew even if messed up, I knew that the alumni, teachers, and students would still cheer me on.” 

Regardless of the Boys performance, homecoming is sure to be one of the biggest events for the school’s community throughout the year.