Closed: Solarium Left a Mess


Caroline Ellervilk

Teachers and administrators recently announced the closure of the solarium, after repeated warnings to students to keep the space neat and clean during Upper School lunch.  

Teachers and administrators recently announced the closure of the solarium during Upper School lunch, after repeated warnings about disrespecting the space.

“Students were constantly leaving food and their belongings behind,” Neudel said. “It was just not the way we should treat our spaces.” 

Before Neudel and Dean of Students Paul Murray announced the closure, they had issued individual and collective warnings.  

“Mr. Murray and myself, along with the rest of the faculty, decided to not use the space for lunchtime for the rest of the school year,” Neudel said. “Some students need to have some more ownership. Adults shouldn’t be responsible for watching them and telling them to clean up after themselves every moment of the day.” 

 Murray echoed Neudel’s sentiments.  

 “We give students a lot of freedom, and appropriately so, but this has been a problem all year,” Murray said. “We’ve given enough warnings.”  

 Upper School Senate President Baden Howard ’24 understands the School’s decision.  

 “I wish people would take more responsibility in the future,” he said.

During Upper School lunch, students retain the option of eating outside as overflow from the dining commons.

Editor’s note: Over the past several years, students have struggled with how to properly treat physical spaces.