Photos: Varsity II Boys’ Basketball vs. Boston Trinity Academy

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  • Owen Williams ’23 takes a free throw.

  • Alphonse Houndegla ’21 dodges a player.

  • Harrison Teschke ’22 prepares to take a free throw.

  • Alphonse Houndegla ’21 takes a shot.

  • Joseph Bahaddy ’21 gets his game face on.

  • Asher Jaeckel ’22 takes a shot on the opposing team’s basket.

  • Alphonse Houndegla ’21 prepares to take a free throw.

  • Leo Wen ’21 makes his way down the court.

  • Players hydrate and prepare for the next half of the game to start.

  • Assistant Coach Brenton Caesar-Allen gives advice to players during halftime.

  • Team members listen to their coach giving instruction.

  • Quinton Nsamba ’21 and Leo Wen ’21 listen to their coaches during halftime.

  • Head Coach Christian Stratter explains a strategy during halftime.

  • The team listens to their coach for instructions during a timeout.

  • Alphonse Houndegla ’21 makes his way past three defenders on the opposing team.

  • Harrison Teschke ’22 evades a defender and takes a shot.

  • Leo Wen ’21 pressures the defensive line of his opponents.

  • Leo Wen ’21 watches the ball as his teammate takes a shot.

  • Alphonse Houndegla ’21 waits for the referee to make his call.

  • Leo Wen ’21 takes a free throw.

  • Other members of the team watch the game in anticipation.

  • Harrison Reschke ’22 dribbles the ball towards his opponent.

  • George Purdy ’23 moves through a defender to take a shot.

  • Harrison Teschke ’22 is ready to take possession of the ball as George Purdy ’23 guards his opponent.

  • Owen Williams ’23 passes the ball to Leo Wen ’21.

  • Owen Williams ’23 takes a free throw.

  • Harrison Teschke ’22 goes for a three-point shot.

  • Quinton Nsamba ’21 takes a shot.

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Edan Zinn, Editor-in-Chief

Last week, the Varsity II Boys’ Basketball team played Boston Trinity Academy (BTA). Despite the score of 68-52 in favor of BTA, the Gators played a strong game.

The team currently has a 2-11-0 record. Although the team has had a rocky start to the season, they still have five remaining games, including the Mass Bay Independent League playoffs. If the team wins the playoff game, they will advance to the semifinals and compete for the title of MBIL Champion.

The team’s next scheduled regular-season game is on Friday, February 14, where they will play at the Cambridge School of Weston at 4 p.m.