College Announcements to Withhold Student Names

Photo by Noa Schabes ’17.

College acceptance announcements from Director of College Counseling Cindy Pendergast are about to change.

Last Friday, Upper School Head Joshua Neudel met with the senior class, who expressed concern about making public where individuals gain acceptance. Now, acceptances will be announced by Pendergast, but without a student’s name attached.

“The college process is a really personal process for students and everyone handles it in different ways,” says Neudel. “Some people are really open about their test scores, where their applying to, their grades, where they get in, and where they don’t get in. Some people are really private and do not want anyone to know anything.”

Noa Schabes ’17 echoes Neudel, explaining that some students might be disappointed about not getting into their school of choice. “If one of the schools a student applied to is not as pristine and they get in, a public announcement might make them feel inadequate—as opposed to someone who got into an ivy or top college.”

However, not all seniors are on board with the change. Alex Dolan ’17 says, “I think that people deserve to be credited for the hard work they put in over the four years of high school. Having their name read aloud is almost like receiving an award.”

For his part, Neudel says the School should celebrate student accomplishments, and that “getting into different colleges and universities is a big moment for our seniors.” At the same time, he reiterated the private nature that some associate with the college process.

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