Basketball: Early Season Roundup


Caroline Champa

Girls’ Varsity Basketball

Varsity Basketball, lead by Captain Amy Nwachukwu’ 18, started off the season with a tight scrimmage loss against Boston University Academy.  

“We have so many people on the team that are at different skill levels, so we will be able to teach each other and that will be a really good opportunity for us” said Nwachukwu. “My goal for the season is to have a team that has the ability to win games while taking what we learn and putting it into good use.” 

 The team will face Landmark School away Friday.

Boys’ Varsity 1 Basketball

With a record of 3-3, Co-Captions AJ Reeves’ 18 and Ethan Eastwood’ 18 have high hopes.

“Our goal for the season is to make the playoffs, which we haven’t done in five or six years,” said Eastwood.

“I think our challenge is always being undermanned in terms of how many basketball players we have, but if we work hard I strongly feel like we could make the playoffs and do so with a great record” said Reeves.

Saturday, the Boys Varsity One team face off against Brooks School at home.  

Boys’ Varsity 2 Basketball

Led by Michael Hastings’18 and Stephen Ramsden’19, the team has a record of 1-2.

“A big goals for the season is to to win a championship. We only have three centers and power forwards,” said Hastings.

“We have everything to fit the criteria to be a serious team. We just need to have the right mindset,’said Moreno.

The team will take on Chapel Hill–Chauncy Hall Jan. 5 at home.